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Sambalpur Head Post Office is under the charge of a Postmaster in Higher Selection Grade-I (HSG-I) who is assisted by one Dy. Postmaster and three Assistant Postmasters. This office is fully computerised and works from 0700 hours to 1900 hours. Sambalpur Head Post Office was selected under Pilot Project Post Office “Project Arrow Phase-II” for improvement of service quality and ambience in which service is provided to general public. Under the scheme, action on two streams i.e. getting core right and to modernize the look and feel of the Post Office was taken up and was completed by 1st week of January 2009. Finally Sambalpur HO was inaugurated as Project Arrow Post Office Phase-II w.e.f. 16.01.09. As a part of this the service quality, mail delivery, office service, remittances and savings bank have been upgraded to meet the customer satisfaction. Similarly, Civil and Electrical maintenance work have been completed and the counters modernized to improve the look and feel. All amenities like writing table, dust bin, kiosk information machine, drinking water etc. have also been provided for the members of public. Four acrylic boards showing the citizen charter, hours of business, advertisements and information boards have been fixed in the public hall for the benefit of customers. The delivery work of the office is managed by twelve Postmen. Most of the postal services offered by India Post are available in the Head Post Office. A philatelic counter also functions for the benefit of the philatelists. For any help or queries, please contact the Postmaster. (Tel: 0663-2410965,   e-mail: )